Events Catering Service

In the restaurant Bistrot by Anita’s Catering Service we also offer catering for events. We propose a healthy and energetic cuisine, prepared with fresh and natural products. We adapt our menu according to the collective and the type of attendees of an event, to offer a catering service tailored to the needs of each moment.


Bistrot by Anita’s Catering

So that you do not worry about the details, we offer a catering service with a global approach: from the gastronomic offer, the decoration or the service. Everything tailored to each event. And if you need it, we help you find any supplement that needs the activity.

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What Do We Offer You?

So that you do not worry about the details, we offer you a comprehensive logistic service: from gastronomic offer, decoration or customized service for each event to any complement.

What Is A Catering Service?

It is called catering, the service that provides food and drinks to parties, events, and presentations in general.

Many party halls, hotels, and businesses provide this service with the rental of their facilities.

In business meetings, weddings, birthdays, or varnishing, the catering service is used to entertain the guests.

What includes?

The service can include food, drinks, table linen, cutlery, and even the service of cooks, waiters and cleaning staff after the event.

By definition, catering is a professional service that is dedicated to the external provision of prepared food, although today it can also take part in supplying everything necessary for the organization of a banquet or a party.


Catering for events

Refers to the food service provided by a specialized company that is responsible for preparing, presenting, offering and serving meals in all types of events, ranging from a simple breakfast, to a full-service restaurant with waiters, kitchen, and decoration included. 

Many catering companies have been oriented to a business model related to the organization of events. They are not only responsible for the preparation of food, but also for decoration in general, the arrangement of tables, and lighting.

Events Catering Service