Author: Anita Lopez

Events Catering Service

In the restaurant Bistrot by Anita’s Catering Service we also offer catering for events. We propose a healthy and energetic cuisine, prepared with fresh and natural products. We adapt our menu according to the collective and the type of attendees of an event, to offer a catering service tailored to the needs of each moment.


Bistrot by Anita’s Catering

So that you do not worry about the details, we offer a catering service with a global approach: from the gastronomic offer, the decoration or the service. Everything tailored to each event. And if you need it, we help you find any supplement that needs the activity.

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What Do We Offer You?

So that you do not worry about the details, we offer you a comprehensive logistic service: from gastronomic offer, decoration or customized service for each event to any complement.

What Is A Catering Service?

It is called catering, the service that provides food and drinks to parties, events, and presentations in general.

Many party halls, hotels, and businesses provide this service with the rental of their facilities.

In business meetings, weddings, birthdays, or varnishing, the catering service is used to entertain the guests.

What includes?

The service can include food, drinks, table linen, cutlery, and even the service of cooks, waiters and cleaning staff after the event.

By definition, catering is a professional service that is dedicated to the external provision of prepared food, although today it can also take part in supplying everything necessary for the organization of a banquet or a party.


Catering for events

Refers to the food service provided by a specialized company that is responsible for preparing, presenting, offering and serving meals in all types of events, ranging from a simple breakfast, to a full-service restaurant with waiters, kitchen, and decoration included. 

Many catering companies have been oriented to a business model related to the organization of events. They are not only responsible for the preparation of food, but also for decoration in general, the arrangement of tables, and lighting.

When Budgeting A Catering Service, The Following Elements Will Be Included:

General considerations

The specific needs of the client, whether dietary or religious, will be taken into account.

We speak of halal, kosher, vegetarian, vegan products, as well as those required by allergy or food intolerance problems.

Rental services

Can include tables, chairs, dance floor, tents, plants, tableware such as crockery, cutlery, glassware, linens, coasters and individual, bar glassware, serving containers, salt, pepper, etc.

Most companies do not include installation and disassembly in the rental price.

Service staff

An event should have a leader, captain or event manager, a chef, a kitchen assistant, sub chef, waiters and a bartender.

The staff for an a la carte dinner is greater than that used for a buffet dinner.

Among other things, for an a la carte dinner you need twice as much crockery, and a minimum of three rounds of food, plus one of coffee, are served.

Additional charges

Sales tax, lighting service charges, liquor dispensing permits, firemen’s permits, drapery, flowers, valet service and cloakroom.

Type of service

The service is variable depending on the event that is presented, and among the different types of catering services are:

Catering working breakfast

They are calculated between 3 to 5 snacks per hour per person, and you can choose continental and American among others.

Catering coffee break

It offers coffee, tea, natural juices, salty and sweet sandwiches. It lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and is a cut or recess.

Catering appetizer

This service lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. It is made based on a calculation of 2 snacks per person.

Catering brunch

It is the combination of breakfast and lunch, breakfast – lunch, its estimated time of service is at 11 am, and its approximate duration is 1 hour and a half.

Catering varnishing           

Two snacks are offered per person, champagne and wine. This catering is carried out especially in openings of artistic exhibitions.

Catering honor wine

The service timetable of this catering is approximately from 11.30 to 12.30 or from 18 to 19 hours. 2 bites per person are calculated, and wines such as port and sherry are served, as well as sweet snacks.

Catering cocktail

The estimated time of completion is from 11 to 13 or from 19 to 21 hours. They are calculated from 15 to 18 bites per person; where 2/3 are salty and 1/3 sweet.

Catering reception

It lasts about 3 hours and is often done at 8:00. They are calculated from 18 to 20 snacks per person; of which 2/3 are salty and 1/3 sweet.

Catering buffet reception

Like the previous one, its duration is 3 hours and the estimated time is at 20 hours. But in this case, varieties of cold, hot dishes and side dishes are offered.

Catering reception, lunch or banquet

It is contracted for long-term events since they are calculated between 6 and 8 hours. 6 snacks are calculated for the reception, and then, for dinner, there is an entrance, main course, dessert, coffee service, toast, the sweet table and the closing of the party.

Presentation of the service

In general, foods that are part of a catering service are arranged in a very striking to attract the attention of the guests.

The most common presentations for food are the following:

Mini Saucers and Pasapalos

They are small, easy dishes to serve and taste, although they are hard to prepare due to their size. They should be able to eat without cutlery or with a small one. Some are served in small oriental spoons, mini-canoes, mini-skewers, etc.

They can be offered by innkeepers. They are usually aimed at more informal events and cocktails.

Packed lunches

They are practical lunches served in disposable trays or boxes designed for that purpose. They usually consist of sandwiches, fries, fruits, and dessert. Some drinks are also included, such as soft drinks or packaged juices.

This type of lunch is delivered directly to the place chosen by the customer and is offered as fast food, which requires punctuality and efficiency in delivery. 

Meals served

They are dishes prepared to be served to each diner at the table. It is similar to the personalized service offered in restaurants.

It can be a single dish or a complete menu consisting of an entree, soup, main course, and dessert. It can vary from a private dinner of 4 to 6 tables, to a large corporate banquet.

Buffet lunch

It is a meal with the self-service system, where the diner himself serves the food. An area of the event is reserved for this purpose, with tables placed in such a way that diners can circulate easily when being served.

It is composed of two or more varieties of dishes per type, that is, a variety of entrances, main, salads, and desserts.

Food stations

It is similar to buffet food but organized by forming small stations or islands. Informal cases, they are usually classified by gastronomy style. The fondue station, where the Swiss cheese fondue and the dark and white chocolate fondue are placed, with a variety of bread, fruits, biscuits, etc.